Over 65,000 people are killed or injured by gunfire in the U.S. every year. *

Gun violence. Defense. Accidents. Suicide.  

Statistics can tell us facts, but they do not reveal the pain. 

How do we put meaning to those numbers?

The Soul Box Project is showing people the numbers. 

We are collecting one hand-folded origami box for every victim of gunfire in the U.S. and displaying tens of thousands of them in public spaces around the country. 

When people see the numbers, they feel the magnitude of this gunfire epidemic. 

And they realize they can make a difference: By locking up their guns. Or supporting a friend who’s struggling. By writing to their legislators. 

Folding a Soul Box is a nonconfrontational, nonpolitical way to take action. 

To express outrage or frustration. To honor a victim. To help heal a grieving heart. 

This is something you can do – right now.

Make a Soul Box today and send it in to be included in our exhibits.

It begins with two pieces of paper, when you acknowledge one life. 

It comes together in a massive art statement. 

It continues with a cultural shift, as people take meaningful, individual actions. 


“What we are trying to do is have someone walk into these displays and have an ‘aha’ moment. It might mean a person goes home and locks up a gun. Or a mother talks to her kids about the futility of anger and retribution. Or a gun club adds another safety class. Or a voter writes to his legislators. Every one of those actions is a success. We need to appeal to each other on an emotional level if we want the current gun culture to change.

~ Leslie Lee, Founder

Video by Nick Brown, QuickHitRecord