Welcome to the Soul Box Project! Get involved with ART revealing the US gunfire epidemic.

Make origami Soul Boxes. Help assemble exhibits. 

Participate in the Oregon State Capitol event. Help us find a workshop space. 

Volunteer - Donate - There is MUCH to do! 

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The Soul Box Project is a national community art project calling for the making of one hand-folded

paper box for every person killed or injured by gunfire in the U.S. since 2014. Hundreds of

thousands of these Boxes will be displayed together in massive art installations to reveal the

staggering number of gunfire victims.

OUR MISSION: The Soul Box Project raises awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic by counting and honoring victims, offering healing participation to those seeking solace, and providing dramatic visual support for all initiatives working for a safer, more civil society.

OUR VISION: The Soul Box Project envisions a society where all people living in the U.S. are empowered to

choose actions regarding gun use that reflect their values, priorities and beliefs so that we can

live in safe communities, talk to resolve conflicts, have schools focus on learning, gather to

worship in peace, and thrive in economies that foster trust and unity.