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The Soul Box Project collects and exhibits thousands of hand-folded origami boxes to raise awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic. We are a non-profit that is influencing the decisions of individuals and policymakers with a visually stunning call-to-action unlike any other gun violence prevention organization.

So far this year

as of October 3*

men, women and children
have been

Over half the deaths are suicides.
Gun violence, defense and accidents killed the rest.

The number of injuries is even higher.
Many are disabled for life.
Countless others struggle with psychological trauma.

This is the

ARTivism is an
Effective Response to Gun Violence

The Soul Box Project is a way for us to respond to our country’s epidemic of gunfire deaths and injuries.

I can tell you over 70,000 people are killed or injured by bullets every year.* But with Soul Box exhibits you can see that number in a visceral way. Reaching that emotional place is what prompts action to save lives.

~Leslie Lee, Artist and Founder of The Soul Box Project

The Soul Box Project

reveals the U.S. gunfire epidemic by counting and honoring victims.

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Our exhibits visually showcase the true extent of the U.S. gunfire epidemic. Each Soul Box holds a physical space for a life lost or injured by gun violence, defense, accident or suicide. People across the country have made and sent us thousands of hand-folded origami boxes:

Soul Boxes Made by People like YOU!

Each one counts. Each one is seen.

Each loss is felt.

The entire work of art—representing the number of U.S. gunfire deaths and injuries in three years—will be displayed in Washington, D.C., October 16-17, 2021.

After October, the Soul Box panels will continue to raise awareness in hundreds of smaller exhibits nationwide. Contact us to bring a selection to your town.

Experience Our Online Exhibit: This Loss We Carry
Over 20,000 Soul Boxes in this online exhibit represent people in the U.S. killed by gun violence, defense, accidents or suicide.

View the Online Exhibit – Search for a Name

The Soul Box Project

offers healing participation to those seeking solace.

Participants at Various events with Soul Boxes

I had no inclination to make a box at all. I really was reluctant. Finally, I went through the process of just folding the paper. I couldn’t be in the emotional part and fold the box at the same time. It turned off that part of my brain to the grief that was so painful. I couldn’t find any other way.

There it was right in front of me, two pieces of paper – folding them. It’s beautiful.

~Andrew M., who lost his son to suicide

As a parent [these Soul Boxes] make me think: each person who made a Box has felt the pain of a lost soul. Every knock on the door, every phone call, you pray it’s not news like this.


It was a joy watching Angela making her Boxes! After a few tears and sobs, she really felt good about what she was doing. Your project has accomplished not only awareness, but a comfort to those who have lost so many loved ones.

~Susie P.

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The Soul Box Project

provides dramatic visual support for all initiatives working for a safer, more civil society.

Groups and organizations across the country have collaborated with our Project by using Soul Boxes to support their activism.  Folding a Soul Box is a calming, restorative activity for groups or individuals. Add your locally-made Boxes to an exhibit to effectively raise public awareness.

Soul Boxes remember individuals lost or injured by any circumstance of shooting: violence, defense, accident or suicide. Our exhibits represent and honor people of every race, cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation.

We assist any group looking for ways to dramatize their messages about reducing gun violence. Get inspiration from the creative events and exhibits others have hosted. Then Contact us to plan action in your community.

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This Loss We Carry DC event poster
This Loss We Carry--Online Exhibit

Your Support is Crucial for Upcoming Exhibits

The epidemic of gun violence has grown within the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a spike in sales of guns and ammunition the curve of the gunfire epidemic is going up even as the coronavirus curve goes down.

Help us count and honor victims, offer healing to those seeking solace, and provide dramatic visual support for all initiatives working for a safer, more civil society.

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