The soul Box Project needs a Home!



  • ANY ACCESSIBLE PROPERTY from a vacant house to a "flex" space
  • over 1500 sq. ft : 4-500 sq ft open space for display development with 9 ft min. ceilings, + room for sorting, panel making, storage, small office,
  • heat, electricity, lavatory
  • at least some natural light


In Portland, Oregon -- preferably SW Portland


NOW! somewhere we can set up for a minimum of 4 months, possibly 2 years


A gift of free rent is not tax deductible as an in-kind donation, but here is info on a property tax exemption for renting to nonprofits.

This is a tangible way for you or your company to make a difference! 


  • We do not need retail space, though storefront windows would be awesome for display and exposure.
  • We do not need frills - we can take a space "as is."
  • We will be low impact. Our work involves paper, string and a touch of glue. No paint or anything that makes a mess.