Portland Church Will Help Bring Soul Boxes and Gunfire Awareness to Washington, DC

by Connie Larkman | published on Aug 19, 2021 on United Church of Christ Website. The idea was shared by someone at church. ...Fold a small Soul Box to remember a soul touched by gunfire. The people of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Portland, OR., have embraced the concept. “This is exactly the kind of activism I could really get a hold of,” said Nanci Tangeman, First Congregational’s Soul Box coordinator. Members [...]

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Those Who Came Before

By Leslie Lee — “It could be therapy, I hoped, for a community that was increasingly paralyzed by grief and rage and powerlessness. It could be a tool for the media, to reveal the humanity behind the statistics. And a weapon to deploy against the government; to shame them with stark visual evidence of their utter failure to respond to the suffering and death that spread and increased with every passing day.”  Cleve Jones, [...]

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Authority Magazine Features Soul Box Project Founder

By Leslie Lee | April 18, 2021—Authority Magazine recently featured me in a rather lengthy article. They have a standard set of questions to ask and it was a bit challenging to answer some of them, like: Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that? Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can [...]

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Powerful Together

By Ellen Stearns —Lives Irrevocably Torn Apart by Gunfire. Every Soul Box holds space for a person killed or injured by gunfire. It doesn’t matter how or why a person was shot. What matters is a life was irrevocably torn apart by gunfire and each person represented in our exhibits is unique. We treat each and every story with care, compassion and respect, regardless of race, cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious [...]

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Why We Will Keep Folding

By Leslie Lee | April 17, 2020— As I sit in a sunny window “sheltering in” it's hard for me to imagine the trials people all over the world are enduring as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. I want to better understand and help in some way. I sometimes think there’s nothing I can do. But that’s not true. Isn't The Soul Box Project uniquely positioned to offer an opportunity for healing and [...]

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There’s a Message in Our Logo

By Nanci Tangeman | March 2, 2020— Look closely at The Soul Box Project logo. Have you noticed the blood-red bullet hole inside the first “o”? Or the second “o” shaped like a box, with a heart inside? Did you realize that the handwritten style of the typeface reflects the grassroots community that makes up The Soul Box Project? Each element of the logo is a subtle reminder about the mission of our [...]

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A Love Lost, A Way Found

Guest Post By Lynda King | August 18, 2019— As the anniversary of the fatal shooting of my love nears, I again reflect on all that was lost. We had a 5 year plan, by then both of us would be retired and we would begin the new chapter of our lives. We were about 2 1/2 years into the plan. He was working in the oil fields in South Dakota, putting all [...]

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A Mission and a Vision

By Leslie Lee | Sep 18, 2018—Getting a mission statement down on paper is an important rite of passage for many organizations. The Soul Box Project is no different. Just about a year after formulating the Soul Box idea, it's exciting to put into words what we set out to do and how we're doing it. Mission The Soul Box Project raises awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic by counting and honoring victims, [...]

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