Join us in Salem on Feb. 15, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

Why the quiet procession? This is important! Why aren’t you shouting and carrying protest signs?

There’s enough shouting – especially around gun issues. We believe the spectacle of 100 people respectfully carrying 36,000 Soul Boxes – one for every person killed by gunfire in an average year – aligns with our mission. The Soul Box Project is about the victims. We are going to Salem to reveal the number of lives torn apart by gunfire. It is up to visitors – especially the lawmakers who are confronted with the procession and exhibit – to take the actions that align with their beliefs. We also believe it will be a fresh visual for the media.

How long will the Soul Boxes be on display at the Capitol?

The Capitol display is for one day only. Anyone can come to view the exhibit and meet Soul Box Project volunteers from 10 am - 4 pm on February 15, 2019. 


I can’t carry one of those big bags. Can I still participate?

Yes. We have two bag sizes to carry: 500 Boxes (12 pounds) or 300 Boxes (7 pounds). There is also a backpack of 100 Soul Boxes that leaves hands free. We have positions available inside the exhibit space to answer questions and teach visitors to fold Soul Boxes. You can sign up for a shift outside the building wearing a Soul Box backpack, giving flyers to passersby and inviting them to come inside, as well.

Where is the exact location where we are meeting?

We are still working on the logistics. We will follow up with specific instructions closer to the date. Because this is a staged event -- not a rally -- it’s very important to sign up in advance. For instance, we need to know who is able to carry bags of 500, 300 or 100 Soul Boxes. If your plans change, please cancel your sign-up ASAP.

I’m a drummer. Do you still need one?

Yes! We are envisioning a snare drum funeral cadence. (Watch the video for an example.) Please contact us with your ideas.

Rain? Snow?

The bags and backpacks are waterproof, so rain shouldn’t be a problem. If there are travel issues because of ice or snow, we will stay in touch with our volunteers, as needed. That’s why it’s so important that you sign up so we can communicate any updates.

How do we get to Salem?

Carpool! If you are coming with a group – such as a church or other organization – please arrange your transportation with each other. You can also communicate via our private Facebook Community Page for individual ride-sharing.

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