April  5 - 30, 2019: 15,000 Soul Boxes - one for every person shot in the US in 2019 as of April 5. One visitor said, "It’s like an entire museum in one small gallery. I could spend hours here, looking at each individual Soul Box.” Photography credits: NvHolden Photography 

Take a video tour of the exhibit with Soul Box Founder Leslie Lee. 

Learn how the exhibit components are constructed to fit different configurations of venues in this behind-the-scenes video. 

Feb. 15, 2019 - A solemn, respectful procession:  100 volunteers deliver 36,000 Soul Boxes - one Soul Box for every person killed by gunfire in 2018 -  to the Oregon State Capitol Building.  

Read founder Leslie Lee's personal account of the day here. 

Photography credits: NvHolden Photography and Paul Fardig