Washington, D.C. - Are you in?


January 31, 2020 - Catch up on all the news about Soul Boxes on the National Mall on October 17-18, 2020. Learn about the symbolism in our Soul Box Project logo.

Soul Boxes in Seattle, Denver...


July 31, 2019 - “It’s especially heartbreaking to see the number of mentions of kids under 10 who are victims. It's one of the most touching exhibits I’ve seen in a long time.” Those are the words of a visitor to our Soul Box exhibit in Seattle. 

Take Action With The Soul Box Project


June 2, 2019 - All we can do is continue to work hard to raise awareness of the gunfire epidemic around us. There is somebody who needs to see piles of Soul Boxes in order to "get" it – 

to feel it deep in their heart– and do something.

15,000 Soul Boxes on Display

Photo by Nathan V. Holden

April 5, 2019 - The 15,000 Soul Boxes in the exhibition at Multnomah Art Center in Portland hold space for the number of people killed or injured by gunfire during the first three months of 2019. 

Behind the Scenes in Salem


February 2019 - A hundred volunteers took 36,000 Soul Boxes to the Oregon State Capitol Building. Go behind the scenes with Leslie Lee and hear about powerful day of ARTivism.

We've Seen the Power of Soul Boxes


February 2019 - We’re beginning to see what’s possible with this visual, visceral Project, but we have a long way to go. Become a sustaining donor and support our work.

Bring Soul Boxes to Your Hometown


January 2019 -  3,000 Soul Boxes on display at Cerimon House ; a $25,000 grant from Oregon Community Fund + tips for bringing The Soul Box Project to your hometown. 

Back to School with Soul Boxes


September 2018 - Read how Soul Boxes are being used in schools. Students, teachers, parents and alumni all chime in. 

Soul Boxes in the Community


August 2018 - A $10,000 grant from Fetzer Institute; Soul Boxes at Portland's Wear Orange event; a new blog and Facebook community ... and more!

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