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We're Taking 36,000 Soul Boxes to Salem!


January 2019 - Join us as we bring 36,000 Soul Boxes to Oregon’s capitol building on Feb. 15.  That’s one Soul Box for every person killed by gunfire in the U.S. in an average year.*

Bring Soul Boxes to Your Hometown


January 2019 - A $25,000 grant from Oregon Community Fund; 3,000 Soul Boxes on display at Cerimon House + tips for bringing The Soul Box Project to your hometown. 

Soul Boxing Days - Join Us!


December 2018 - We're reclaiming a holiday! Join us on Boxing Day, December 26, to assemble Soul Box panels. Community, creativity and conversation. 

Back to School with The Soul Box Project


September 2018 - Read how Soul Boxes are being used in schools. Students, teachers, parents and alumni all chime in. 

Soul Boxes in the Community


August 2018 - A $10,000 grant from Fetzer Institute; Soul Boxes at Portland's Wear Orange event; a new blog and Facebook community and more!

March in Multnomah Days Parade


August 2018 - Bring your friends and family members. March with backpacks of 100 Soul Boxes, help community members fold Soul Boxes for victims. 

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