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Your participation in The Soul Box Project increases our collective power to aid healing while awakening understanding, empathy, and solidarity among more Americans. Sharing your story extends this positive impact while honoring the memories of loved ones impacted by gunfire. Tell us how The Soul Box Project has influenced you.

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Darlene, mother of gun violence victimDarlene, mother of gun violence victim

“All those Boxes are put together with love.” Darlene Cain, of Baltimore, Maryland, shares her story and the impact of folding Soul Boxes for her son lost in a police shooting. WATCH

Lynda King, of Vancouver Washington, shares the story of losing her beloved to gunfire and how The Soul Box Project has helped her honor him while healing herself. WATCH

“I lost my brother, my best friend, to gun violence.” Melissa Dion-Beckett felt she was directed toward the Soul Box Project, when she “stumbled across” the exhibit on the NationalMall. [Read More | Close]

Volunteers and Donors

Soul Boxes made from recycled atlas pagesSoul Boxes made from recycled atlas pages

“My husband and I learned to fold boxes and then involved my father…With mild dementia, he was able to follow along… knowing that he was doing something important.”

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My 8-year-old granddaughter watched me make some boxes. And the next time I saw her she had made 8 or 9 all on her own at home. She said, “I put a little of my soul in each one.” — Gail, Portland, OR