Send It In

We have completed Soul Box collection!

Thank you for participating in the Soul Box Project by making Soul Boxes and sending them in. We appreciate the donation of your time and expenses. Because of YOU we have reached our goal.

Shifting from Send it In to Show at Home

We have completed the collection phase of our project. But our work is NOT done—and you have role to play!

Making a Soul Box—the physical process of folding—is a valuable experience, whether you are folding for a specific loved one or gaining solace from some moments of reflection with productive hands at work.

We do encourage you to continue making Soul Boxes and to involve your community. More people in our country need to see and understand the scale of the gunfire epidemic. Soul Boxes you make now and in the future will continue these efforts. We’ll help you.

  • Make and collect Boxes locally and plan an exhibit in your own town, church, library, school, museum, business, or community center.
  • Borrow our panels of Soul Boxes to make a bigger impact in your town for a few weeks or months.
  • Find a place where your locally-made Soul Boxes can continue to be in the public eye on a long-term basis.
  • Contact us for help with your plans to host an exhibit or event.