Make a Soul Box

You can personalize Boxes with art, messages, or memorials. Folding Soul Boxes can bring solace to individuals and encourage sharing and healing within communities. Here’s how.

Raise awareness by displaying your Soul Boxes locally. Learn about exhibiting.

Want to exhibit Soul Boxes as memorials for friends or family? Send them in for inclusion* in future Soul Box Project Branch exhibits.

Every Soul Box Holds a Space for a Victim of Gunfire.

Examples of Soul Boxes

Video: How to Fold a Soul Box

Fold a Soul Box Step-by-Step

Download PDF Printable Folding Instructions

Download PDF Informational Flyer

Flyer to print double sided and cut in half.

Print double-sided and cut in half.

Hands fold paper to make a Soul Box

* Please note:

Every Soul Box is the Voice of an Individual

We welcome and honor each one. The Soul Box Project team and Branches reserve the right to use contributed Boxes in whatever way is deemed best for fulfillment of the Project’s mission. Display panels of Soul Boxes are being made by some of our Soul Box Project Branches around the country—contact a Branch to inquire about including Boxes you have made.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Soul Box Project. Making Boxes is a pretty close second to meditation for me. I find it very calming to be able to spend time crafting new Boxes. They often find me thinking about my father who was a victim of gun violence. — Bob, Portland, OR