video: How to fold a Soul Box

Printable folding diagram follows.

How to make a handy template to identify what part of your 8 1/2" square will show once it's been folded. 

folding an origami soul box

1st WATCH THE VIDEO. Use 8 1/2" square paper


This will be the BOTTOM of your box: #1 With the paper face UP, fold the square in half both ways #2 TURN the paper over. Fold the four corners to the center point  It now looks like #3.

fold, crease, unfold


#4 Fold the top and bottom to the center so it looks like #5, then unfold.  #6 open the top and bottom flaps.

fold in the sides


Fold each side into the center and crease.


open the sides


#9 At fold B open the box with your thumbs on the diagonal fold between A and B. This will bring the inside point of fold B up to meet the outside of fold A. #10 

fold down the flaps & stuff


On line A fold down the flap to the inside of the box. #11 Turn and repeat on the other end.  #12 . You now have the bottom of your box. Stuff it with a crumpled piece of paper to keep your box from getting crushed. 

now make the BOX TOP


Repeat to MAKE THE TOP which needs to be slightly larger.  In steps 4 and 8 fold the sides a little shy of the center leaving about a 1/8" gap if using thin paper or up to 1/4" gap using light card stock. WATCH THE VIDEO .

PRINTABLE folding instructions

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How we use your Boxes

Please note: Every Soul Box is the voice of an individual. We welcome and honor each one. The Soul Box Project team reserves the right to use Boxes contributed by the community in whatever way is deemed best for fulfillment of the Project's mission.  Panels of Soul Boxes are composed collaboratively at the Soul Box workspace in Portland. Representation of the broadest range of victims is important to us. We often receive duplicate Soul Boxes for victims of well-publicized shootings and entire sets of Boxes for people killed or injured in mass shootings. Though included in the total Soul Box count, these duplicate sets may be limited to one per exhibition.