video: How to fold a soul box

Printable folding diagram follows.

Here's a handy template to identify what part of your 8 1/2" square will show once it's been folded. 

folding an origami soul box

1st WATCH THE VIDEO. Use an 8 1/2" or 9" square


This will be the BOTTOM of your box: #1 With the paper face UP, fold the square in half both ways #2 TURN the paper over. Fold the four corners to the center point  It now looks like #3.

fold, crease, unfold


#4 Fold the top and bottom to the center so it looks like #5, then unfold.  #6 open the top and bottom flaps.

fold in the sides


Fold each side into the center and crease.


open the sides


#9 At fold B open the box with your thumbs on the diagonal fold between A and B. This will bring the inside point of fold B up to meet the outside of fold A. #10 

fold down the flaps & stuff


On line A fold down the flap to the inside of the box. #11 Turn and repeat on the other end.  #12 . You now have the bottom of your box. Stuff it with a crumpled piece of paper to keep your box from getting crushed. 

now make the BOX TOP


Repeat to MAKE THE TOP which needs to be slightly larger.  In steps 4 and 8 fold the sides a little shy of the center leaving about a 1/8" gap if using thin paper or up to 1/4" gap using light card stock. WATCH THE VIDEO .

PRINTABLE folding instructions

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