Exhibiting Soul Boxes

Soul Box Installations will Fit Any Space

Modular, easy-to-install panels are the primary components of our exhibits. Our 372 panels have all been claimed, but organizations may inquire about borrowing panels from their nearest “Branch.”  Or visit our Resources page to learn to make your own panels—or strands, piles, and spills—using your locally made Soul Boxes.

How Panels Become Exhibits

1 display panel is:

  • 4 feet high x 2 feet wide
  • 98 Soul Boxes, the approximate number of daily gunfire deaths in the U.S.

Panels can:

  • be suspended
  • attach to a wall
  • hang on pipe & drape structure
  • form or wrap columns
  • join with Velcro
  • extend vertically and horizontally

Resources available online:

  • exhibition/event guidance
  • signage to download
  • how-to videos

Soul Box Exhibits Make it Possible to See & Feel Incomprehensible Statistics

How Many Soul Boxes Should You Exhibit?
We can recommend a number that fits your space and is meaningful for your location.

For example…

any organization in St. Louis can visualize the approximate number of

  • Injuries by guns in St. Louis (2020) or
  • Suicides by gun in Missouri (2019)

Any museum, church, or community center with 128 square feet of wall space can represent

  • One week of U.S. gunfire deaths and injuries

Uccello’s in Grand Rapids showed

  • Three years of Michigan gunfire deaths and injuries

8,800 Soul Boxes at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI

Email Exhibit@SoulBoxProject.org for more information.

Exhibit Components & Combinations

In this behind-the-scenes video learn how our exhibit components fit different venue configurations.

Walls and Columns

Soul Box panels attach seamlessly in stackable rows.

Walls: Single Row

Man views Soul Box exhibit, Portland, OR

Soul Box panels connect seamlessly.

Walls: Single & Double Rows

Exhibit panels in stairwell at Hatch Lab, Portland

4-ft and 8-ft high panels activate an unexpected exhibit space.

Walls: Tiled to Fit

Modular panels utilize horizontal and vertical space to create an impressive expanse.


Installation of columns on a pipe structure, Portland, OR

Combine walls and columns to shape a dynamic, immersive environment that draws visitors through your space.


Soul Box Exhibit Folding Station

Canopies define smaller, intimate spaces. Span short distances with overhead spills of loose Soul Boxes. A simple pipe & drape structure supports this configuration of 4 columns and a canopy.

Walls: Double-sided

Long row of panels and strands under tent canopy

Two-sided walls can direct visitor flow through an open space. Hang panels back-to-back from a ceiling or from a pipe & drape structure to create rooms or pathways viewable from both sides.

Strands, Spills, and Piles

Increase impact and visual variation.

Strands of Boxes

Soul Box Art Exhibit on display on Stairway in Milwaukie

Add some variation in texture to your exhibit and attract attention from a distance by suspending Strands overhead from the ceiling.

Spills of Loose Boxes

display of art boxes stacked randomly on a table in the corner

Boxes made by your volunteers and local outreach partners can be installed as spills on tables, pedestals, low platforms or clean floors (with some protection from feet).

Piles of Loose Boxes

Soul Boxes form a dramatic 5-foot-tall pile, The First Congregational Church of Christ, Portland, OR

Covering a base structure with 100s or 1000s of loose Soul Boxes can provide even more dramatic impact.

Complete the Visitor Experience

Invite guests to take action.
Guide them with customized signage, “how to” flyers and videos.

Make a Soul Box! Action Station

People of various ages gather to fold Soul Boxes

Give visitors the opportunity to take action, experience the healing, honor a loved one, and share their thoughts. Include a table with materials and instructions to Make a Box within the exhibit space. Download our printable signage, how-to video links, and other resources.

Watch Participation Grow

Soul Box Spill in window, Multnomah Arts Center, Portland OR

Your visitors will make Soul Boxes. Save space for their contributions. Here, Soul Boxes fill a basket in a window visible to passers-by.

Exhibit Signage and Video

graphics, videos, and other resources available to exhibit venues and event hosts

Determine the number of Soul Boxes you can make or borrow and display in your space.

We can help you customize messages so the number of Soul Boxes on display illustrates statistics relevant to your city, state, or our entire nation. Details above

See highlights in our Events & Exhibits Gallery

The Soul Box Project is visually stunning. I love how it opens the door for thoughtful conversations. —Marlene, Jacksonville, OR