DIY / Pop-Up Exhibits

Pop-Up Exhibits are Flexible and Effective

We can provide the materials you need to create your own pop-up Soul Box Project exhibit. All you need is some display space, paper, volunteers, and time for your group, and perhaps partnering organizations, to fold the number of Soul Boxes appropriate to your site.

Download our logo and signage (PDFs) so your exhibit is clearly identified as part of the national Soul Box Project. Additional materials will provide instructions for folding Soul Boxes, hosting Box-making events and making your own wearable backpacks for marches.

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How to Get Started

Contact us to chat about your goals. Download our resources and “How-to” guides that have helped groups around the country create successful events and exhibits in their libraries, churches, schools, theaters, and other communal spaces.

Your Costs

Hosting a Soul Box Project exhibit can fit any budget. You will need:

  • An exhibit space: a room, hallway, corner, wall, table or display case
  • Soul Box-making materials: primarily paper cut to 8.5 x 8.5 inches, with optional decorating pens, pencils, magazines for collage, glue, etc. Utilize recycled papers such as old worksheets, catalogs, calendars, atlases, and brown grocery bags.
  • Many hours of Soul-Box making by volunteers for your organization or partnering groups
  • To print signage and flyers: simple photocopying or professional printing

Get local help with costs:

  • Approach local sponsors and in-kind donors prior to the exhibit.
  • Set out a jar for donations to offset your costs for materials, printing, and shipping.

Free Resources from The Project

We will include your exhibit and events on our website and social media to reach national audiences.
Download these resources:

  • High-resolution logos to print and provide to local media
  • Video links to show the national context of your pop-up exhibit
  • Sample press release
  • Exhibit signage about the gunfire epidemic and The Soul Box Project (customized, printable PDFs)
  • How to fold a Soul Box flyer/sign
  • How to host events guide
  • How to make backpacks for processions or marches
  • Source for our mesh backing—if you’d like to make your own panels
  • Printable “panel” template with grid for participants to stick/pin on their Soul Boxes during an event or exhibit

Beyond the Pop-up

Exhibiting Soul Box Display Panels

Are you envisioning a greater visual impact?
You may be able to borrow Soul Box display panels–look for a Soul Box “Branch” near you.

Eye-opening. It is amazing that people are creating these projects to spread awareness about news that doesn’t reach the spotlight. – Clark, 9th grader, Bronx, NY