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Bring the Power of a Soul Box Project Art Exhibit to Your Community

Artist Leslie Lee of Portland, Oregon, initiated The Soul Box Project in 2017 in response to the staggering loss of life to gunfire. She couldn’t comprehend the statistics and was certain other people couldn’t either. Her idea:

What if thousands of hand-made origami boxes—each representing a victim—were exhibited together in beautiful, thought-provoking displays, prompting action to reduce gunfire deaths and injuries?

Two men with ladder install display panels in stairwayA Soul Box Project Exhibit is an immersive, emotionally impactful installation to help viewers visualize the scale of the U.S. gunfire epidemic. The Project is a national community art movement that raises awareness by counting and honoring victims, offering healing participation to those seeking solace, and providing dramatic visual support for all initiatives working for a safer, more civil society.

The Soul Box Project is…

  • An opportunity to build partnerships in your community.
  • A powerful visualization of a critical contemporary issue.
  • Art that delivers awareness, empathy, healing, action.
  • An anchor for programming a forum or panel discussion.
  • A stunning visual that combines a broad spectrum of voices.
  • Proven to attract media.
  • Flexible and easy to schedule and install.

Installations can consist of dozens, hundreds or thousands of Soul Boxes in a museum, library, theater, gallery, art center, church, business or community center. There may be panels at a Soul Box “Branch”. Reach out to inquire if panels are available to borrow.

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Exhibiting Soul Box
Display Panels

Soul Boxes on panels hung as walls and a column

Our 4’h x 2’w panels of 98 Boxes join seamlessly horizontally and vertically to line walls, hang back-to-back, or suspend in columns. Additional loose Boxes (from our collection or made by participants at your location) can form canopies, spills, piles, or strands. Online: signage (printable PDFs) and other resources.

Pop-Up Exhibits:

Soul Boxes piled and strung in display.

Online, you will find many of the materials you need to create a pop-up exhibit of your locally made Soul Boxes. All you need is some display space, paper, and local volunteers to fold Soul Boxes. Download logos and signage (PDFs) so your exhibit is clearly identified as part of the nationwide Soul Box Project movement. This website contains instructions on everything from folding Soul Boxes and organizing Box-making events to making your own wearable backpacks for marches.

See more examples in our Past Highlights Gallery

A beautiful exhibit, breathtaking in its concern and scope.
Lily, Trauma Surgeon, Sacramento, CA