Exhibit and Event Resources

Downloadable documents for exhibits, events, and marches, including signage and media communications.

The links below will help Adopters use the materials.

Some documents may be better viewed and downloaded from a computer, rather than mobile.

Contact us at exhibit@soulboxproject.org with any questions.

Panel Adoption | Panel-Making Kit | Backpack Kit | Local Partners

Useful for Everyone

Video: Intro to The Soul Box Project

Put your exhibit into the national context for your visitors. On a monitor in your space, play this informational video on loop.

Video and Flyer: How to Fold a Soul Box

If you are hosting a Soul Box-folding activity or including a table in your exhibit space, you may play the video in a loop or place a print-out into a plexi sign holder. Include paper cut to 8.5 x 8.5 square and (optional) markers, glue stick, or other materials to personalize Soul Boxes.

Print the step-by-step directions 3 times on stiff paper and tape together to make a convenient, hands-free, 3-sided table-top unit.

How to Host a Box-Making Gathering

Tips on hosting an event to make Boxes as a stand-alone event, during an exhibit, or to create Boxes locally in advance of an exhibit.

Soul Box Logos and Banners

Connect your event to this nationwide movement with these bold Soul Box Project graphics.

Please always include the Soul Box Project name and/or logo in your
exhibits and events as printed signage
social media posts: @SoulBoxProject / #SoulBoxProject
website and online notices of your exhibit/event
printed publications or notices
communications with local media

MOMS Speaking Soul Box Panels as BackdropFor press conferences, talks and performances using Soul Boxes as a backdrop, place larger logos over panels behind the speaker so The Soul Box Project is clearly identified for news cameras.

Official Soul Box Logo

Downloadable jpg: 667 x 667 px @96 dpi
Best printed at 8″ x 8″ or smaller
on letter-size paper

Downloadable PDF to print 16″ x 16″

Downloadable PDF to print 45″ x 45″

Official Soul Box Project logo

Downloadable jpg: 1379 x 601 px @229 dpi
Best printed at 16″ wide or smaller on legal- or tabloid-size paper

Downloadable PDF to print 24″ x 10.5″

Downloadable PDF to print 45″ x 20″

QR code link to SoulBoxProject.org (homepage)

Downloadable jpg: 370 x 370 px @143 dpi
Best printed at 6″ x 6″ or smaller on letter-size paper

Exhibit Signage – Ready to Print

This PDF contains 3 signs formatted@ 11 x 17 signs, appropriate to print for any event or display quantity.

Exhibit Signage – Introduction to Your Exhibition or Display

Every display of Soul Boxes should tell visitors how many people are being represented by the Soul Boxes on view.  This PDF contains a sign template that will be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us at exhibit@SoulBoxProject.org to further customize signage for your exhibit or event.

Signage: Intro and statistics signage for U.S. (2 pages, 48″h x 12″ w)

Contact exhibit@SoulBoxProject.org for this graphic with text relevant to your area.

This signage pairing explains what 588 Soul Boxes (6 panels) represents and puts your display into the context of a nationwide movement. Send PDF to your local printer (such as FedEx Office) to print and mount on foam core backing. Hang these signs in line with Soul Box display panels or the “Add a Soul Box” graphic for a professional look. They are all 48″ high. Also good back-to-back on a garment rack, photo backdrop stand, or pipe & drape structure.

Signage: Add a Soul Box DIY panels

Download and print one or more of these blank panels on which visitors may mount their Soul Boxes in your exhibition. The height of these printable panels matches our loaned panels, but these can also be used alone for completely DIY exhibitions. Foam core (48″h x 13″ or 24″ w) is an ideal sign backing for pinning Boxes into the grid pattern–and easily removing them later. Alternatively, attach Soul Boxes with velcro or tape for a more permanent display. Laminating this board will make the board and the attached Boxes easily reusable.

Half-Sheet Informational Flyer for Visitors

Download and print double-sided on 8.5×11, then cut in half for visitors to take away.

Tip: Your local copy shop, like FedEx Office, can easily and economically print these flyers for you.

Email them this link:

Press Release TEMPLATE with “How to Distribute” Tips

Click on PDF Button in right column to view. A new window will pop-up. You can then choose to download and save the PDF. Customize the red text with your own information in Adobe Acrobat. The third page includes professional tips from Laura Evans Media on how to distribute for best results!

Panels Received

Branches adopting panels will receive communications specific to their exhibit from exhibit@soulboxproject.org. Emailed documents will include a spreadsheet of named Boxes on the panels and templates for creating signage specific to your state and number of Soul Boxes on display.

Hanging Panels for Exhibit/Display:

Video: How to Attach Hooks to Panels

If you are installing Soul Box Panels on “pipe and drape” structures or any horizontal bar, attaching hooks to the mesh so they are invisible and level involves just a small trick.

Panel-Making Kit

How to Make a Panel

Request an official Panel-Making Kit to replicate our process for greater durability and compatibility with existing panels.

See how on this video.

Need more panels?

How-to-Make-a-Soul-Box-Panel Video

For materials list and hanging tips.

Diagram: How to Make Composition Frame to lay out Soul Boxes also contains mesh dimensions for both types of panels (with “hook” or “loop” Velcro).

How to Cut/Reinforce corners on mesh with “Hook” Velcro [0:55]. Mesh is pre-cut to these dimensions in your kit. “Hook” mesh in your kit comes with Velcro already attached & corners cut. Mesh with “Loop” Velcro does NOT need the corners cut out.

Diagram of raising/lowering panel for stitching & proper posture (drawing and link to QR codes). Includes Stitching Boxes already glued to mesh: How to raise & lower panel [0:25]

Named Soul Boxes spreadsheet (blank) – A link to a Google doc specific to each Branch will be sent. See also the tips for HANGING PANELS FOR EXHIBITS / DISPLAYS (above) for when your panels are complete and ready to display.

Backpack Kit

Video: How to Make a Backpack

Our 120-Soul Box “Backpacks” (about 5 lbs each) have been helpful for Wear Orange and March for Our Lives processions.

Signs for additional Backpacks can be downloaded (two versions, below) to print and laminate. Request a free Backpack kit.

Local Partners to Consider for Funding

Local Partners to Consider for Funding, Outreach, and Exhibit Spaces

Your local Arts Council or Regional Arts Agency
Chamber of Commerce
Local hospital / public health / medical groups
Faith-based organizations including churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques
Local history, science, or art museums
Public Library
City Hall or County Courthouse
Public or Private secondary schools
Colleges and universities (art galleries, offices of social justice or spiritual life, student-led organizations, academic departments interested in public health, art, or social sciences)
Chapters of national organizations focused on suicide prevention and gunfire issues
Conferences of professional organizations intersecting with issues of social change, art and policy, social justice, mental health, public safety, firearm sales or safety