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Those Who Came Before

By Leslie Lee — “It could be therapy, I hoped, for a community that was increasingly paralyzed by grief and rage and powerlessness. It could be a tool for the media, to reveal the humanity behind the statistics. And a weapon to deploy against the government; to shame them with stark visual evidence of their utter failure to respond to the suffering and death that spread and increased with every passing day.”  Cleve Jones, [...]

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A Mission and a Vision

By Leslie Lee | Sep 18, 2018—Getting a mission statement down on paper is an important rite of passage for many organizations. The Soul Box Project is no different. Just about a year after formulating the Soul Box idea, it's exciting to put into words what we set out to do and how we're doing it. Mission The Soul Box Project raises awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic by counting and honoring victims, [...]

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