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Soul Box panels and other materials are available for adoption–at no cost– while supplies last. Complete the order form, below. More about Panel Adoption here.

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Adopt Soul Box Panels


Receive ready-to-hang panels of 98 Soul Boxes each.

1 carton includes:

  • 6 panels
  • S-hooks as optional hanging hardware 
  • Consultation/advice on exhibiting your adopted panels
  • Our media professionals will contact your local TV/radio about your Wear Orange June 2023 activity (whatever you choose to do)

You can download and print our free signage and other digital resources.

Send me Soul Box panels (quantity)

Panel-Making Starter Kit


Compose and “stitch” your own durable, modular 98-Soul Box art panels. 

Kit includes almost everything you need to make two interlocking panels with the Soul Boxes you have collected:

  • online video instructions
  • 2 mesh backings
  • paper pattern
  • Velcro
  • brackets & pattern for composition frame
  • waxed floss & 1 needle
  • stitching hanger
  • 2 storage sleeves
  • a few sample boxes
  • some paper & a burnisher to start folding 

You provide:

  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • blue painters’ tape
  • 1”x2” wood strips for frame
  • 98 Soul Boxes per panel–approximately ⅓ each of remembrance (named), art, and message Boxes, or request loose boxes, below. 

Make-a-Backpack Kit


A wearable way to carry about 100-120 Soul Boxes representing one day of U.S. gunfire deaths. 

Kit includes:

  • 1 clear bag 
  • ribbon
  • laminated sign
  • assistance customizing signage text to print & laminate at home
  • video instructions

You may fill w/ Boxes (either of your own or we can send you 120 Loose Boxes, below)

Send me backpack kit(s)

Loose Boxes


Making and exhibiting Soul Boxes locally is the best way to involve partners, make the issue local, and provide solace. But having examples—from 6 to 600—can be very helpful and reach your goal faster.

We may have some loose memorial Boxes for your state available. 

Shipment will include completed Soul Boxes that were bagged for the D.C. exhibit and may include a combination of 

  • Plain or embellished with art
  • Messages
  • Remembrances (names—may be requested by state while supplies last)
Contact me to discuss Loose Soul Boxes


We’re pleased that you want to be a part of This Loss We Carry–Nationwide!

Would you be willing to receive additional Soul Boxes from others in your region to incorporate into your events/exhibits?

Plan for June 2023: This Loss We Carry - Nationwide   There will be a nationwide Soul Box Project event during the first two weeks of June 2023 for National Gun Violence Awareness Month & Wear Orange

Are you able to participate with all adopted Soul Box Project branches in This Loss We Carry - Nationwide in June?

More details to follow.

Sharing & Outreach

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a branch of The Soul Box Project! We can’t wait to see how you use the Project to bring awareness to the gunfire epidemic in your community.